First Team

Sr. V.P. of Corporate Operations


Sr. V.P. of Corporate Operations is in charge of overseeing all sporting events, non-profit daily operations and  all corporate partnerships, while introducing GAPA to international organizations as “The Ultimate Sports Learning Destination” for corporate teammates to team up with GAPA.  For the expansion, growth, and strengthen GAPA’s relationships with foundations, corporations, churches, individual donors, and local communities.   

Sr. V.P. of Strength Conditioning and Rehab Specialist


Sr. V.P. of Strength Conditioning and Rehab Specialist is in charge of all   Strength Conditioning and Rehab activities in GAPA. She oversees all physical training and manages the Performance Sports Institute which includes the High School, Postgraduate School, and Sporting events.

Sr. V.P. of Communications


To Be Named, Sr. V.P. of Communications is to oversee the development and implementation of the next chapter of GAPA’s sustainability activation strategy, leveraging sport and cultural moments as well as platforms, collaborations and campaigns. The Sr. V.P. of Communications, will be responsible for developing communication strategies to engage the employee base as well as external audiences and stakeholders, working with a global team of communications professionals, using traditional, digital and social media platforms with a focus on creative and compelling storytelling. 

Executive Administrator


Executive Administrator is in charge of all office management, volunteers, and executive administrator for Mr. Gaffney. He/She oversees all planning, and supervising the execution of all special events such as conferences, parties, and banquets.  All administrators will report to this person.

Head Sports Coaches

Coming Soon

 As it currently stands GAPA is on a national search for Athletic Coaches. These vacancies will be advertised in a generic fashion by using existing, standard vacancy notices that were produced and approved by the upper-level administrators. Each individual sports department tries to balance our educational vacancies with coaching positions that is needed to be filled. However, as we continue to learn and develop qualifications, it is our goal to ensure that we are doing more to attract quality candidates in support of education-based athletics.