GAPA's PostGraduate Program is NOW able to have High School Sports Enthusiasts

Opening 09/09/19


GAPA's Postgraduate Program

Academically, Socially, & Athletic Teams


GAPA Postgraduate program provides another year of academic preparedness and time to enhance study skills and time management, perhaps another year to strengthen athletic ability to pursue a sport in college. These are all valid reasons for pursuing a post-graduate year.  

Generate Passion


The "Gap Year" is more popular than ever, with thousand of sports enthusiasts taking an interim year between high school and college to pursue a passion, do meaningful volunteer work, or explore a new culture.

ESL (English as a Second Language) classes


 GAPA Postgraduate program provides international students with unique class settings, competitive sports opportunities, and to live with like-minded English-speaking students. This creates a helpful environment for learning English. This gives them the chance to make friends and communicate in English on a regular basis. 

Benefits of a Postgraduate Year

An Academic Boost

 GAPA's Postgraduate program can help sports enthusiasts who were not accepted into their colleges of choice, need to add a few more credits to their transcript​ or are looking to get accepted into more competitive colleges.  

Foreign Language Training

 GAPA helps international students with several components of their secondary education including:

  • Improving their English proficiency
  • Helping them learn about and gain acceptance to  universities in the U.S. and elsewhere
  • Adjusting to a new culture by providing a smaller, structured environment designed to support non-native English speakers
  • Instilling a global perspective at GAPA will offer programs for English language learners, sports enthusiasts looking to improve their mastery of the English language to study at American universities.

Athletic Opportunities

 A postgraduate year, at GAPA, gives young athletes a chance to increase their visibility, work with some of the top coaches, and train in state-of-the-art facilities. GAPA have strong connections with college coaches and recruiters, and the notoriety of GAPA's programs can help sports enthusiasts get noticed by colleges that might never otherwise even heard of them. 

Preparation for College Life

The GAPA Campus is like a preview of college life, but with more structure and guidance. This helps sports enthusiasts adjust to dorm life, improving their organizational skills and time management, and developing a strong balance of school, activities, sports, and social life.  

Postgraduate Year

A yearlong academic curriculum designed for sports enthusiasts who have already graduated from high school and hold a high school diploma. Traditionally, postgraduate programs have been targeted to male sports enthusiasts; however, GAPA will be co-ed by opening up to female sports enthusiasts as well.  

Effect of a Postgraduate Year on College Admissions

College admissions officers recognize that the PG year offers many benefits to a student and will ultimately make him not only a better candidate for admission​ but a better student once he is on a college campus. Every year, PG graduates are accepted at schools ranging from Ivy League universities to supportive liberal arts schools and everything in between. 

High School Sports Enthusiasts

Coming Fall of 2019

This fall Gaffney Athlete Postgraduate Academy will open its doors to high school age Sports Enthusiasts.  GAPA is committed to helping Sports Enthusiasts attain their hopes and dreams by providing a quality education in a safe and nurturing sports environment. The faculty and staff are committed to helping Sports Enthusiasts reach their highest academic and sports potential.  GAPA-PG has partnered with its educational arm to create an Academy Sports Postgraduate Academy like no other...

General Courses

Our program inspires and motivates Sports Enthusiasts to acquire the skills needed to succeed in sports centric world and beyond.

AP and Honors Courses

GAPA encourage Sports Enthusiasts to strive for greatness and to excel.  Sports Enthusiasts should expect the following: 

  • Higher expectations- quality of work, 
  • Independent Project or report content 
  • Emphasis on analysis & mastery.  

Credit Recovery

Get on track to graduate! Enjoy your summer and retake courses at the same time! We make it easy and affordable. 

Dual Enrollment

Courses offered for dual credit stem from agreements between GAPA-PA and Colleges and Universities, whereby a high school junior or senior enrolls in a college course and earns college credit. 



ADMISSIONS PROCESS​ 2019-20 Tuition and Fees


Post Graduate & High School Sports Enthusiasts

  • On-campus Student (Annually): $13,500
  • Day Student (Annually):$7,500

Additional costs (All Sports Enthusiasts)

  • Non Team meals (during travel) It is REQUIRED that you provide your son/daughter with a weekly stipend during basketball season for meals while we are traveling. These meals outside of the campus are not included in the tuition cost. Funding is needed for this such as light snacks and doesn't include Team meals.
  • Toiletries/Personal Products. It is REQUIRED that you provide your student and monthly stipend (year around) for everyday items such as (shampoo, soap, laundry products, etc). GAPA Post Graduate program DOES NOT supply these items. We do however make weekly trips to the store to ensure that your son/daughter are able to purchase these items.

Enrollment Fee and Contract

A non-refundable enrollment fee of $100.00 for sports enthusiasts is due on the following enrollment dates.

  • July 8th, 2019 (Early Enrollment)
  • July 26th, 2019
  • August 16th, 2019 (Late Enrollment includes $50.00 fee)

This payment will be applied to the total tuition balance and secures your students place in our academy and on our roster. After the due date of August 16th, a place in the class can no longer be assured.

Tuition Payment Options

  • One-Payment Plan
  • Two-Payment Plan
  • Ten-Payment Plan
  • Extended Tuition Plan- (form of financial aid, please ask admissions director for details)

​GAPA's payment plans enable families to spread tuition payments over the school year as opposed to paying the tuition in one total sum. Families will be billed in an automatic bank draft by the Business Office according to their payment-plan selection. Please see Parent Connect for details on payments.

Please contact Brandy Powell, Administrative Director, 865-551-9781 or with any questions.

Tuition Payment

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