Inside GAPA's International T.E.A.M.S Academy

Dedicated Educators


We know that learning is easier when you have excellent classroom coaches. That's why most of our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our faculty are passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their classrooms.

First-Rate Curriculum


Are you a good student, honors student, or someone needs be NCAA certified? Not to worry! We offer a variety of high-quality courses designed to prepare you for your next step. We offer placement tests to help match your skill level.

Exciting Extracurriculars


We offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities; ranging from very competitive team sports to sports careers development programs. We have options that caters to every sports enthusiast's talents, passions, desires, and dreams.


International T.E.A.M.S Academy

What does it mean to be an “International T.E.A.M.S Academy" ?

It means we offer  Technology, Engineering, Athletic, Mathematics, and Science to sports enthusiasts in an comprehensive college-preparatory academic curriculum and intensive pre-professional sports career training which prepares them for wherever their path may lead them after graduation.  Our experience classroom coaches, both in academics and sports careers, are here because they want to work with young sports enthusiasts to understand and practice different approaches to allow them to flourish. It means talented high school sports enthusiasts don’t need to relegate the practice of their talents to their after-school passions and their high school education doesn’t need to take a backseat to their artistic pursuits. At GAPA, it means living, working, and studying with a diverse and talented community of creative and passionate people from across the country and the globe.

All the sports enthusiasts at GAPA will major in one of five  Sports Careers Development classes such as —Sports Medicine; Sports Management; Sports Communications; Sports Nutrition; or Sports Marketing. From weekday mornings until early afternoon, sports enthusiasts can be found engaging in spirited debates in history class, practicing algebraic concepts, testing the properties of gases in chemistry lab, or conversing in some foreign language in the "Real Life" situational classrooms and on campus. In the afternoons and early evenings, sports enthusiasts will direct their attention to the practice of their chosen sport or their related sport career path. Whether they are in one of our state of the art sports facilities, career development classes, an NCAA workshops, or at special sporting event Sports Enthusiasts' talents are meeting their passions. 

In addition to classes and sporting focus enings, there are dedicated times during the week devoted to community-building, including club and advisory meetings, after school programs, and all-school assemblies which often feature special programming. GAPA's International T.E.A.M.S Academy also offers ample opportunities to perform, exhibit, and experience sports careers throughout the school year, both on and Off The Court.

Your Legacy Begins Here...

At GAPA, We Prepare Sports Enthusiasts for College, Careers, and Life by viewing the concepts of STEM through the Lens of Athletics.

Elements of GAPA

A College Preparatory Curriculum for Sports Enthusiasts


 GAPA uses research-based curriculum and instructional strategies called: T.E.A.M.S to ensure that all Sports Enthusiasts receive a high quality and results-oriented education. GAPA is committed to providing a college preparatory curriculum that covers the Tennessee College-and-Career-Ready Standards, NCAA clearinghouse eligibility requirements, and standards found on college entrance exams.  Our curriculum is tailored to the needs and interests of our Sports Enthusiasts while also infusing sports-career programs and practices through our Sports University elective courses. Each aspect of our learning program enhances our Sports Enthusiasts’ abilities to think critically and problem solve.  

T.E.A.M.S Focus:


GAPA is dedicated to Technology, Engineering, Athletes, Mathematics, and Science while growing our Sports Enthusiasts into well-rounded individuals. Our schedule provides for additional learning time in the areas of Math, English, Language Arts, and Reading. It also allows scholars an opportunity to focus additional time in their chosen area of growth whether they are non athletic or athletic scholars. Sports Enthusiasts receive the principles and instrumentatinon of sports careers through our career development programs. As they develop, they will apply themselves in various contexts, which results in leveraging their skills in any future sports industry of choice. The T.E.A.M.S concepts uses the lessons learned alone with the collaboration of designated learning and sports activities to emulate “real-life situations”.

Literacy is a Must


Many schools talk about utilizing literacy across the curriculum, but GAPA has specific systems in place to ensure that all Sports Enthusiasts are taught literacy skills in all classes. Those skills teach scholars how to read, write, speak, and listen daily in all classes. Additionally, they learn to construct effective arguments the moment they enter our doors. Literacy is an essential part of teaching and learning at GAPA because it is needed regardless of one’s future career. We prioritize all literacy skills in every course. Our graduates are equipped to be champions in college and their future careers.  

Data-Driven for Learning and Growth


 At GAPA, we believe school is one of the main places that teach scholars the skills necessary to achieve their goals in life with growth and achievement measured often. Just as data is tracked in sports related and other professions, we track data regularly and use this data to inform our practices. We teach our Sports Enthusiasts how to read and analyze their academic data in order to set goals for themselves. The Classroom Coaches, Parents, and Sports Enthusiasts use data to measure progress, set high expectations, and be on track to reach their highest potential. 

Innovative Learning Environment


The GAPA campus creates unique and “real-life experiences” for our International and Stateside Sports Enthusiasts. The campus develops scholars in the World of Athletics by increasing their knowledge and natural ability through innovative educational, recreational, and social relations. GAPA’s campus includes state of the art technology and premier amateur sports facilities. Our sports campus is able to create tremendous opportunities for the Sports Enthusiasts who attend our school and to serve the surrounding community though various forms of outreach.


Family Engagement


Research shows that parents are the children’s first coaches and parental involvement has positive effects in a child’s educational growth. GAPA recognizes parents as an essential part of their child’s educational experience. After all, they were the first coaches of our Sports Enthusiasts. GAPA ensures that all Sports Enthusiasts and their families know that they are a vital part of our school and valuable to the success of our Sports Enthusiasts. As they matriculate to GAPA, we expect parents to actively volunteer and participate in designated activities throughout the academic year.

Quick Facts


Academic Play Book

The vision of GAPA is to serve as an innovative and high achieving charter school that inspires Sports Enthusiasts to become college ready scholars, graduates, and productive Game changers in a sport’s centric society.

Academic Game Plan

The mission of GAPA is to provide a T.E.A.M.S rigorous college-preparatory education to prepare Sports Enthusiasts for careers in sports. We strive to create a culture where experiential learning opportunities will engage and prepare Sports Enthusiasts for college, careers, and life. 

Academic Values

  1. Grit – enjoying challenges and developing the discipline to do whatever it takes to continuously grow and become better than you previously imagined 
  2. Attention – being aware of self, teammates, and the community while concentrating on the details of character, integrity, and being trustworthy; to do whatever is right because it’s right
  3. Passion – giving your very best because you believe in and are committed to a worthy goal so that your Love meets your Talents and carries you through the finish line
  4. Adaptable – being a lifelong learner who possesses a growth mindset